by Alexander
(Rhode island)

In the name of the father, the son, and the holyspirit
I have a cross but I never wear it
Yeah I'm in God's light
Filled with his love
Right now I'm so high I'm floatin like a dove

All the haters try to be like me
Why can't they see that's all a fantasy
I'm up in the sky
And just too fly
Try to reach my level
but you can't.
That's why I gotta rant

Life's too harsh to live it good and well
So I'm gonna chill down here in hell.
Yeah ya gotta be blessed
Be the best
Fight your way to the top
You might fall
But then you crawl
Get back on your feet.
Cause defeat is for the weak
You're not like that your unique
And once your done

They'll be praisin you.

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