Black Devil

by siddharth jagtap

verse 1-
the shadow of black devil
walking down the road
has built up a gloom house
of fear inside of me
without a consent in my hand
my life's turned dreadful
by some random man
also attacked on my cascade dreams and trust
this glitz city is all spilled by lust
devil's drained my sorrow in grim
tore my life left with scream

chorus -
i didn't deserve what you did to me
i don't deserve what you do
hopes too have left the tribe
i cant even find the lost soul of mine
i wont ask 'why' to God
neither i'd blame
as i know my agony
gonna leave almighty in shame

bridge -
my presence's been tangled to the threads of puppets
he made me see the 'worst' in my kind
if 'empathy' is the word to overcome my worse
erase the word from this universe
i am waiting for a help
of that is deaf and blind
devil is immortal
coz' still in race is lust of human kind

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