Black Cordelias

by David Daniel
(Owensboro, KY 42301)

There's no need for conversations
You know they always fail
You're not grown
There's no need for condescension
Your heart hangs from the throne
But you're not alone
The shadows hide these walls
And don't bother me at all
You're not owned
You're no angel but you know I would lie

I see you change and all that change fucks with my mind
You'll always be a part of me
That part of my heart
That feels left out, that feels displaced
So find yourself, just go away
It's just a moment in time........

The seas of change have come to change your mind
my love for you will always be close to my heart
the sun will rise, the days will end
so blame yourself when Ive gone away
Its just a moment in time

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