bitch called true love

by lucinda
(gauteng,johannesburg,south africa)

we always argue and fight..cant give up coz this situation is so tight. i never thought i could fall in love man this love fits me like a glove...but i'm not gonna give my all coz this bitch is called true love.never have i ever thought a playa would quit the game man our love is so precious i swear i still feel the same.everyday said u were'nt going anywhere,but the game u played on me nigga it was'nt God i forgave all your sins..i was so sure our love would make it till the end of time,i was yours and i thought you were mine.that was until my cuzin came along,i dont know how you didn't notice that that love was so wrong..your'l dated for a while and decided to end it,not because of me,but u chew off more than u could swore you never knew that we were related than you started crying all those tears i know you faked it,but being the sweet girl that i know i am..i forgave you as you prayed for another chance.a year went by and you decided you were bored,you met a new girl and like a keyboard i got played..thinking i would never find out about this game first my cuzin than this bitch..damn you insane.i really didn't think i could continue with this pain,so like every real girl i dumped your sorry ass...yeah mo time for lies,no time to explain.damn wtf is wrong with me,i took him back thinking my heart was on gaurantee..i guess i gave more time for this game to continue..i never saw you at night claiming you got a i swear true love is a bitch coz it got you fucking all these hoe's,you feel that itch....i never signed up for this game but i guess i'm heart is filled with so much pain damn right its bleeding...i guess i dont know the rules coz i got played again and like every clueless playa i got be claiming on fb that you love this bitch so much..i guess i was never enough,thats tough.i love you so much but our love aint enough..i gave you so many chances,but you fucked them all up.all im asking for right now is for some space..i aint gonna forget about you have some faith.i guess you see now all that you put me through..a dumb-ass i was,got have faith in me one day we'll meet my life is so good right now,a whole lot of suspense.i know our love will overcome all this bullshit,one day we could celebrate our for now lets just contriute...this aint goodbye,more like to be continued.

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