BIO James Cook

by James Cook
(Vietnam )

27544746_743825989140 ... 402235279349388_n.jpgArtist Bio by Jabari Hakeem

One of the best-song writers of all times, James Cook has been a consistent favorite in writing poetry about love and pain and putting it to music in the R & B markets. Often writing from his experience in life, the Philadelphian has been greatly influenced by the sound of Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love’s O’Jay’s and The Stylist--- however James is adventurous to new concepts and to stretching out more into other markets. James’s music aims for commercial radio airplay above all else but also strives for foreground/background/internet broadcasting.

He’s wrote and produced:

Inner City Girl Hip hop /R&B

Can I R&B grove

Could you be My lady

If the Empires were winning award

Learn how to be your Man-Neo Soul

The sound of Philadelphia:

Red carpet to My bed

Five-star girl

Neo Soul-EP With New Vocalist & producers

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