best game in my life

by Raplus

raplus in  No Meek Meek Studio

raplus in No Meek Meek Studio

You you know what is this?
That is the return of the legend
Is your boy Raplus
I'be back to show all of the people of my ghetto say am the best
Am a Legend
It's Unkodonuwe Entertainment baby
San Paul i see you Hip Hop guyz i freet you.
I succeded DaGrin no be lie
(Rap is the best game that i like in my life ooh)x3
I want to die with rap no be lie no be lie
(Rarrarp is best game i like uuun life ooh )x3
I want ti die with rap no be lie no be lie
Rap is the game wey i like in my life
I want to die with Rap no be lie
Am a bird but i don't dey fly
I use to play with rap when i touch the sky
Emi won o gbe because i have a friend and his name is OBEY
My swagg no need to pay
Raplus is not burn on first day
In my life i don't dey play away
Moti sofunyin pe mo f'ese rin lati Makoko titi de Alaba
I don't dey wear the jersey Osaba
I rap just like Booba
I represent DaGrin and the colour of 9ja flag are green white and Green
Am hot and dangerous na Raplus said so
I don't like play with my flows
My battery don't low
All of the enemies will die when the alarm go blow
Am proud of myself to be Omo Egun
Am a bad boy who rap just like a Big Boss
My gun was charged already to blow all of my enemies head
Repeating CHORUS
Eko l'on bi mi si,amon eni kan o le gb'aso la ra mi ni Lagos city 9ja
Because in thid life trouble no be stranger
Am no be Aku we they call me Lowranger
Because am protected by him born in a menger
If you test me you go end up for danger
Am not be Mugun and i get a brother his name is K2
He is staying on the lagoon
Water side because he is Omo Egun
I'm not dey vess
I dey blaim you all of that i warn you
I go put your handdown
because i wanna be a friend of Chris brown
San Paul i see you in my rap when i was on thee gap
Ewe you go be my manager when i work very well
All of the little boys go like my swagg
Because am a gentle boy
In my game i don't forget anybody
If you see in the club call me Hip hop Guyz
Because Jacob and Obey are my best guyz
Repeatin CHORUS
Yeah don't be affraid
Am a legend and am a gentle boy
Do what you can today
Don't hate just scream my name (my enemies)
Jacob is Ok..........

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