Believe (Prod. Graham)

by Tyler Falzone

Believe (Prod. Graham)



Life is really hard but right now we've made a start
A movie and a date
Just to try and get away
From the negatives
I promise I won't ever get settled
Because a new day is a better one
When we spend it with each other
Love at first sight but it's more honest
Flip the reciprocal because opposites attract
But for the simple fact
That your on my mind
While I'm rapping on this track
Never settling until we settle with the settlement
A winner never wins unless he truly feels the need to sin
Living a cold hearted life left most underfinded
Left struggling with the opposite mind set
Never gave up and yet this isn't my time yet
Rhyming on beats just staying off the streets
Trying to keep my mind at peace
Lost a bestfriend over some silly beef
But I've adapted to losing so it doesn't hurt my heart
So I flip the switch and my thoughts go blank
Nothing on my mind except maybe a drink
Take a sip, pour a cup full
That's what happens when life hits you
And leaves you messed up
Giving no more opinions your left in the deep end
The air becomes thin
Your heart becomes cold
Yet you feel the need to start some more
A bad habit is the connection to a horrible climate
When losers lose most loose their faith
That's why I stay on top
Keep my head held high
Low headed leaves you threaded pouring out into a empty cabinet
Nothing left but a half ounce bottle and a couple problems
Mistakes and regrets
Living deep in your sorrows
Always apologize even if your not the problem
People rather see themselves fall then others gain
That's why each and everyone one of my friends seem to think
It's ok to pretend
Not one gave credit where it's due
So tell me why i have to
Live my life regretfull
I'm telling you know she means everything to me
The most important problem is keeping her with me
Time now to get a job
Mom is always eager to see me shine
Dad is working hard making every dime
Cousin got locked up and I don't know how much time he can survive
Brother has some issues
Been in and out of jail
Distance is the distance in time
Measured by how long someone has been gone
Regret buried deep in my heart
Theirs no forgetting the forgotten
So my life is simple minded
Saying my opinions
Never seem to accept the consequences
Unless it's defined
Living my own rules
writing the rule book
Never forgetting so tell me why we're forgotten
Living in a world were we have to act
To seem modest
I pray for everyone
And I believe in each other

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