Before your done. .

by Keith borden
(Cedar Rapids Iowa)

We better thank god everyday 4 the life we got.
If it wasn't 4 the lord we'd be left out in the dark.
GOD gave to us Christ his only son.
So everyone everywhere better praise his name and be reborn.
Before your done =Done done wasting away
Raised into sin =treating life like a game.
We all turn are backs cause it gets in the way
Judgment day comes yah thats when you'll pray.
Before your done .........
Yo I was raised into sin yah my parents never taught me
Glad I found the lord cause the consequence is costly.
God gave us life and god got a plan.
To help us understand how to be a better man.
You don't need that money you don't need them drugs.
Just have faith in jesus Christ embrace his purified love.
Recognizing what he done he the only righteous one.
He rose from the dead so I praise the son of God.

A day is a thousand and a thousand is a day.
If your feeling God's words God's keeping Satan caged
I've been shining like a light since the day the lord forgave.
And putting others first in jesus name we pray

Love faith and hope so true got to have It
Having faith in jesus christ the only cure for the whole planet.
And living from your heart should be your habit.
Riding shotgun with lord leaving Satan stuck in traffic.
And the final stop 4 me eternity threw the gates of heaven.

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