Be yourself. (Fast rap. With swearing.)

by Matt
(United Kingdom)

She can hear you knocking on her door but she's overdosin' on the floor,
buying rocks to make time fly like tick tock, take drugs to be a thug and loose weight quicker than rick ross.
Weight loss, that's funny, honey kid, skinny kid, anorexia, pupils thin so dyslexia, label em' to be true so you can be you.
Easy peasy fuck you Weezy, fuck the industry, telling lies to the guys to get a rep and say I'm so mother fuckin' fly.
I don't believe in god, but I love your fuckin' faith, but please, I beg, don't shove it my face!
I don't care what you race, white, black, asian, like it be said I'm the one who's racin'.
Please stop what you're doing right now, look in the mirror to see your reflection, that thing on your head, it's a dick, you've got an erection
from pissing on people legs, acting like a dog because you can't be yourself, your like that car in the distance covered by fog.

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