by Ajkelz



It's your boy ajkelz,thus saith the lord unto you the battle is not yours it's of the Lord

Battle? He light me up like a candle
His words in my life, he took away my saddle
If God be for us, who can be against us?
We are like a titan and God is the general
We are all his army, nothing can do battle with us..
My velocity, clarity, intensity design is a gift from God to all humanity
Now am feeling so vast...holy trinity
God gat my back, haters in futility
Even if I d.i.e heaven is my eternity
My bragging rights in christ
All I do is grind,because have already blend with the spirit to make what is mine
Ha haha..yeah to make what is mine
God above money wisdom utilized
I was down with the waste, Jesus redefined
Thank God for my life, now am super fly
People kept talking trying to nullify
God is amazing, his name must be glorified
Spiritual things am doing,forget about the canal mind
Winning battles with ease, Jesus already paid the price

This battle is won am a victor and I made it
Does it seems like am ever gone away
Cos heaven got my way..This battle

Verse 2
It's over I don't want it to re-appear
I know life is a battle (but) do I have to be afraid?
Am born of God, all I need to do is pray
If it's momentum it's something the enemies will never gain
I don't believe in Luck,But I believe in grace
They say we the lucky ones because we've already seen his face
I hope for things not seen I believe in faith
His words are like fire,(it) kept the enemies at bay
Glory to his name, thinking not about the pain
Heading to the top I will surely get all the fame
Yeah!! When the whole world started to be a blame
He wrapped me up so I could never have to see my shame
I gave a seed, nothing can stop my excelling
My proceedings with the word of faith,that
should be my dealing
Am a born winner, am allergic to losing
Jesus already paid the price, Tell me now whose winning

And now we can fly, am flying on eagle's wing
Everything is changed now am a conqueror
With his words am stronger 2x
I wish you all the best, best I never had
And I will never stop loving you so much
Cos the battle is over, and it's finally over


Talking: Thus, saith the LORD unto you,be not be afraid nor dismayed my reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God's

Chorus then fades out

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