Battle me 4 part 2 by james cook

by james cook
(Viet nam)

Battle me 4 part 2 by James Cook - lyrics critique

by James Cook
(Viet Nam)

The hustlers Dream, Battle me 4 scheem too make the cream, Pockets full of green when I walk I lean in Gucci Jeans ya shorty need to play for my team....
Battle me 4
The will too steal and kill Yo Hommie ya better chill Philly catz be keeping it real, Ya catz just wanna record deal scared to pack the Blue steal,Hustling day an night 4 Mill...
Battle me 4
Platium chain the roley an the ice out Blang Blang Battle me 4
the game the fame and all Chicken head dames....Pimp
like me will never change 22's looking too cool
making Ya cats look like fools I gota school ya youngsters to rules , I'm Don ya catz fall like pon's
checkmate ya catz just bate waiting 4 your fate tied
up and duck tape getting raped by apes, Getting took by old school crook ya shook I know these streets like a open book, I got the game hook
Battle me 4 Crown Cuz I hold these Ghetto streets down,
around my town ya be clown, North Philly catz put ya 6 feet under jack,No RAP, take over ( beanie stack )then throw away mack,clean off the tack
and be right back,Kid nap ya Uncle black 4 blink check
I get much respect GOD Bless!!

(part2 )F--- jada kisses take all chips throw body in the sinking ship say bye bye 2 miss kisses feed the Punk ass to the fishes, no more wishes
Come ur ya spot clean off all dishes Philly catz tier of all ya Bitches,
Battle me 4
two door drop top 4 door exploer where they drop PAC left his is Body in aBanding lot,Jada snitching to Cop's scared
to do real D-Block ya need (cracker) to make ya Album hot N---- Battle me 4 Top Take all ya NY spots
ya DaF Jam chain an avenue watch havin Dame calling my Name saying kiss lame !! ya better call J Ho cuz about too reload
live ya body cold with lonely ashes to the hold moma crying over baby lose soul i be the reason why ya
Album went GOLD !! battle me 4

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