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Chapter 1

Madison Square Garden 2015
Eighteen thousand expectant fans sit restlessly at the famous Madison Square Garden in New York City. They’re all there to see the new sensation called BARRY & THE BOOMERS”. Apparently they’re a bunch of old guys who play Great Original Music. How they got here today is a long and winding road but the important thing is that they are HERE. Nobody has seen these guys LIVE anywhere before, but they have seen their Music Video “WE’RE INVISIBLE”. The song was number one on the Billboard Pop and Rock charts for 50 weeks straight. Since then they have been the talk of the Industry. They’ve done no interviews and nobody knows if they even exist. The Band Members were not show on the video.
The hype has been going on now for about a year and nobody including this writer knows what to expect.
All of a sudden some old guy who looks like a 1960’s hippie slowly walks on the stage with a Fender Stratocaster slunk over his shoulder like an old gunslinger. He’s kind of hunched over and slowly walks over to eight Marshall Stacks Amps piled 20 feet in the air. He has unruly gray hair and looks like he should be a spokesman for Visine.
Next a fat old guy walks to his drum kit which is on a platform 30 feet high. He has two burly guys helping him and he has one of those oxygen things in his nostrils. He looks like he should be playing shuffle board and Nate’s Retirement Home.
Then a guy who is clearly in his early 70’s comes out on a wheel chair. He has a small funny looking Bass Guitar like the one Paul used to use, you know the one that looks like a violin. He is sitting their tuning his guitar and quite frankly looks quite disheveled and out of sorts.
Next three gray haired hippies come out with their horns. They’re wearing Hawaiian Shirts and are hilarious looking. They are smiling and look like they are having a great time. He Guys “Where’s the Baby Boom Cruise, I think you missed it. What a hoot. These guys have to be kidding. These guys will be lucky to make it to the intermission.
The keyboard player comes out next and is actually using a walker to get around the stage. He has long straggly hair down to his waist and has a huge peace sign hanging around his neck. A sign behind his stack of keyboards says “Make Love Not War”. I don’t think these guys could do either. I feel as if I’m watching an episode of the Twilight Zone. Off to one side of the stage sits an ambulance and two paramedics at the ready. Never know when one of these clowns will have a heart attack or stroke and drop dead.
Still no Barry!
The crowd is now all a twitter and starting to laugh hysterically. This must be some kind of a joke. They are yelling that they want refunds and are just getting unruly and agitated.
All of a sudden the lights went off and the audience quiets down. I can’t see right in front of my face. The drum starts pounding and a red light from someplace is shining down on him. It was a thunderous sound and you couldn’t hear yourself think.
Next the guy on the bass guitar starts to play a menacing bass line.
The volume is massive and pulsation and just these two old guys are making the entire Garden Vibrate. All of a sudden these two don’t look so old anymore.
Then as if a space ship just took off that little guy with the Fender Guitar stroked one power chord that literally made my teeth rattle. These three guys were in a hell of a groove and it was powerful.
Next the Sax, Trumpet and Trombone joined in. Wow.
The keyboards came in next and the house was rockin and swayin. I looked around at the crowd. A few minutes ago they were yelling to get their money back and now they were mesmerized at what was happening on the stage. The keyboard player was playing this amazing ethereal music that fell right in line with the rest of the amazing band.
Still no Barry!
Then the lights go off again. There is tremendous anticipation from the audience as they are stomping their feet and swaying to this pulsating music. The audience is made up of all ages. All of a sudden these guys don’t look or sound old anymore. We’re all just caught up in the mystery and power of the night.
After a few minutes of this the lights come back on and Barry is center stage and singing his huge hit “WE’RE INVISIBLE”. But they are not invisible anymore I can tell you that. The oxygen is gone from the drummer’s nose and no wheel chairs anywhere in sight. The walker was kicked to the side of the stage and this band was just rocking.
They sang 13 songs from their upcoming Album “IT AIN’T OVER TILL IT’S OVER”. As of now only their single was released. The songs were wonderful. They touched all kinds of landscapes of people’s lives. On one song Barry just went over to the Baby Grand and sang by himself.
Barry didn’t talk or introduce the Band so they still remain mysterious. They came out for three encores and when it was over it was over. The lights went black and when they came on again Barry & The Boomers were gone.
These guys were turned down by every record company. Their single “WE’RE INVISIBLE” went viral from a self produced Song and Video placed on you tube. They were told that they should go home and play golf. Too old they were told, nobody would want to hear a bunch of old fogy’s like you guys and your songs don’t sound like what’s on the radio.
Well history was made tonight. These guys changed the rules of the game. They won’t need a record company now. I must confess that as a music critic and journalist who is up in years I was very excited and pleasantly surprised as to what happened here tonight. BARRY & THE BOOMERS rocked the house tonight I for one was very proud of MY Generation.
I understand that they are preparing for world tour and. It will be sponsored by and Prep H and Tums. They are already Spokesmen for AARP and Metamucil.
They are forming their own Label called “SOCIAL SECURITY RECORDS” and will be on the lookout for some Older Talent…lol


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Sep 21, 2015
Help NEW
by: Anonymous

There is colossal expectation from the crowd as they are stepping their feet and influencing to this throbbing music. The gathering of people is comprised of all ages . Out of the blue these fellows don't look or sound old any longer. We're all just gotten up to speed in the riddle and force of the night.

Oct 15, 2013
by: Anonymous


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