Average Stressful Teenager

by Mehkare Skye
(Frederick, MD)

This is a picture of me eating pizza. With a pillow on my head.

This is a picture of me eating pizza. With a pillow on my head.

Yes I wanna write that song that,
Everybody falls in love with yes,
But it's hard
When you act this,
Nobody seems to realise,
It's not easier in real life,
They said if I'd stop dreaming,
They would care.
But this is supposed make me smile,
Not sit and daydream crying screaming,
And hoping for a way out.

(oh-woah- hey)x2

I don't wanna be self-centred,
I'm already lost in my mind,
I know that I'm not perfect,
But everyone tries to be,
Thought that's where I'd to be,
Everyone wants me better,
But wouldn't that be bitter?
I don't wanna like that.


You can call this song,
Anything you want,
What makes you feel better,
Go ahead,
You can act like that,
Princess perfect just like that,
Everyone loves you,
In a way.


I guess I'm here to help you,
Does that make it easier?
It would be if I weren't me,
But here I want to stand alone,
Be all be myself and locked,

To avoid this part,
I'd run and run and soar away.
I know I need to better,
Will this even help me?
Will this teach me anything,
At all.
No not at all.

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