A-Town, North Carolina

by Andrew R. West
(Andrews, NC, USA)

Your drugged out dreams are a joke, floatin away in dope smoke
Welcome to A-Town full of drugs, nugs, thugs and fakes
Carry a strap on your waist for your own sake
Cause all it does is take and take
I have to smoke a reefer bowl so that dreams seem achievable
So I just get baked, fries on the side like to have it my way
Cruisin on the highway, better pray to Yahweh
Cause I’m swervin in the whip after doin’ pills and shit
I don’t really dig Southern religion, fishin’ or gettin’ in a big truck pissin contest
Drugged out motherfuckers on the roadside, next town over
Only difference is the druggies stay inside
Going to the lake spliff smokin, drinkin and laughin turns to life mappin
Talking bout leavin and showin’ the fam you can make it happen
I’m really grapplin’, damn I’ve bled, I have these crazy thoughts in my head
But I really love to spread these THOTS in my bed
Aspirations of a global rap nation, no complications
Just good vibes, sick rides and no straps on anybody’s side
Sounds right to me, but in my world
Saw a deputy drive by a drugged out chick in a wheelchair
Rolling by the thoroughfare If she gets hit, oh well
I suppose The shades of grey covered in grime is apparent most of the time
Drake turned the 6 to a number 9, So i’ll flip the script
Pull the trigger, bigger and bigger deals just to get richer
Get rich just to get fucked up, fall face first in the mud
Wake up in the tub, get dressed, make another dub
Now an open letter to the wheelers, dealers and dopers of A-Town:
Scrubbing doesn’t work gangsta shit leaves a mark on your mind and heart
So just smoke some ganja, repeat your mantra
“Dolla, Dolla, Dolla” and try to listen to your conscious
Back to reality sad days keep me down... in muthafuckin A-Town.

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