Artist Bios —Sherrie Austin

Sherrie Austin made her first appearance at the Expo in 2008 at the Santa Barbara event. She is returning for the Asheville Expo May 29-31, 2008. She is terrific! Welcome back Sherrie!

Sherrie Austin Sherrie Austin has a sound uniquely her own. Her arrangements are often built around chiming acoustic guitars, sparkling mandolins, evocative fiddle lines and the occasional ripple of the steel guitar. "I'm tiny, so screaming over a wall of electric guitars isn't comfortable. I'd rather bring people in, draw them close and find a way to use the dynamics of my voice." Austin, born in Sydney, Australia has been entertaining people and singing country music practically from her birth. At the age of 14, she got her "big break" by being asked to open for Johnny Cash's 1985 Australian tour and eventually was invited to Nashville by the Australian Country Music Association. At the age of 14, her parents said she was too young and Austin herself agreed. Her second big break came not in music, but in acting, landing the role at age 17 of Pippa McKenna on one of NBC's popular shows The Facts of Life. Even while acting in Hollywood, Austin continued songwriting, performing, taking keyboard lessons and vocal lessons with Linda Ronstadt's vocal coach, Robert Edwards. Musical influences like Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton eventually drove her from Hollywood to Nashville where she met her co-writer/co-producer Will Rambeaux with whom she collaborated on both of her albums, 1997's Words and 1999's Love in the Real World. Followin' a Feelin' was issued in early 2001. —Maria Konicki, All Music Guide

[2003's] Streets of Heaven opened a whole new path for Austin to take with her music. Her album brims over with story songs that delve into subjects beyond love and romance -(”though there’s some of that, too,” she says). She’s stopped worrying about how she’s going to make her mark, and instead just goes about making it by writing and recording her songs. She’s found her place and kept her sense of humor. “There are times when I feel that old stress come up, when I hear those voices saying, ‘What if?’ But when that happens, I just say, ‘Oh, shut up.’” —

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