Arshbro x kris (panda cover)

(Lagos city)

Kris ;Yh arshbro u ready
Arshbro ;Yh u should know I jes be feeling my self
Bhankz entertainment
Yh it arshbro
Uuuuh panda
Verse 1 Arshbro
Gotta beast called panda
I jes pull up in an Honda
Srike em all dat thunder
Cos dat shii has jes been shmurdered
You all should kmow I aint smoked cos I ve got d money as paper tape
Every day ,making ways in d rainy days and dat ma pain
D make up bitch is wack tho
U be smoking in d pipe tho
You all should know dat I am arshbro
And if u cross ur lane u gonna crash bro
Ask questions , mahn ask d pope
I am a fresh young nigga and am also dope
I be all around d world in every globe
And if u don’t wanna get killed man u gotta go
I be in d car
Splitting em bars
Getting ma money
Spend it on ma track
Making my own ways jes to get it on d stack
I need an hundred thousand dollar
Jes to make it through d dark
Put in on reverse cos I aint tryna rehearse
Clip up d dollar and put it in d purse
Wild bitch disguise like a mitch noise
Omo u get octopuse
Nigga days to ur death count
Cos ive gat lot of money in ma back account
Growing six that ma first count niggas call me as a bound account
Give up d dollar
Give up d dollar
I am paying ur bills
I am getting ma molar
Niggaz and bitches are coming cos of ma molar
And you all should know d beast as panda
Kris (intro)
Ladies and gentlemen
Tz ur boy kris
Kris verse 2
K R I S, u know wah i mean

Iv got baes in every city
Every college and universities
U can see some around me but iv got so much more. DSTV
So many girls, only one lover
Ashbro asked for a panda cover
But ddnt have an idea i would murder
The beat like iv done to another
Yea we started from the bottom
Now we're here all of a sudden
Me and my team, living the dream
Some niggers are hating, fuck em
So many numbers on ma fone, ma fone is hanging
Out of 500 gals, tz only 499 im banging
Tz time to get serious, quit fvcking around
Niggers u know wah im talking about
Lets show this bitches that we run this shit
Common stand on your feet, lets turn this shit around
Im running a race that does'nt have an end
Im breaking the record nobody has set
Im making impossible sound like tz possible
Mehn, im the best in the business @ hand
Ma girl is so proud, she writes kris on ha hand
Shez got that beauty no guy can withstand
But this z not about her, this shit is about me
Dt might have come out wrong but try to understand
This might sound like im boasting but
My rap is smoking hot
U can believe or not
T doesnt pain, doesnt hurt
As long as we've never fought
Im like an astronaut
I dont give a fvck as long as i

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