Area 52 freestyle (metal rap)

by Area 52
(little rock)

There goes-a 1,2,3 bring da hammer down an break tracks
And see if people will respect this' Area 52 are on a higher level
So we refuse to stoop down' unmerciful beatdown
Know we're not afriad people stop fighting for they aid
1,2, an-3' and they watch'n both you and me
They make'n our reality into an alienation
We gotta make an escape route' right through the devil's mouth
Lock'n all doors' and stop pretraying the sick and poor
Enlighten the world with all yall defication
Ha...people wonder bout communication
So lost in the politics while people are getting sick
Throw yo hands up if you don't mind to throw bricks
Nation's guards on the frontline' ha..
Hardline, hardline after hardline
Refuse to follow you or join along with you
Motherless, fatherless, what else do-ya wanna do


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