Are You a Songwriter?

This is mrJack here, on behalf of the Expo and songwriters in general....

The Expo's new online version of our now 4-year old "Write With A Hit-Maker" songwriting contest is truly not to be missed.

Here's why. Most all competitions (including ours up until the current 2010-2 edition) simply have you submit your material and generally pay a submission fee. And that's pretty much it.

You wait to hear. (There are so many competitions out there and I don't intend to demean any of them.)

The point I am making about the new "Write With A Hit-Maker" contest (I like to call it "WWHAM" -- a little twist on the famous Emeril Lagasse!) is that with our contest your submissions have a very long PROMOTIONAL shelf-life -- above and beyond whether you win or place in a particular contest.

If you are submitting songs to a contest, you must believe in them. They obviously are some of your strongest songs. (We hear a tremendous number of really really good songs...listen to some of them here.)

These songs need a chance to be heard! That takes time and a shelf-life online. Yes, you have put your songs on the usual social networking sites. But there are millions of sites like yours so the only people who hear your music are probably people who already know you. They may or may not be there looking for great new music. In the search engines, if people aren't looking for you it's because THEY DON'T KNOW YOU OR YOUR MUSIC. How can they look for you if they've never heard of you?

We want to bring "Durango songs" directly to people, INDUSTRY PEOPLE, who are LOOKING FOR GOOD NEW MUSIC. This could be promoters, music supervisors, publishers, collaborators, people looking for childrens songs, people looking for gospel, for instrumentals (yes, we will eventually broaden the categories from just POP and COUNTRY), or any number of commercial uses.

The PUBLIC VOTING process allows you (and your fans!) to have some control over where your song(s) appear in the list. And you can be found alphabetically as well (under the "All" tab).

The NEW online contest is designed to do two things primarily: allow others to choose which songs get moved ahead to the final judges (TOP 20 VOTE-GETTERS will automatically be moved on) AND to create a place where our song contestants can library their songs, and pitch them to the and in the future. All for the onetime entry fee of $45 or $75.

The Durango Songwriters Expo is already known in the music business for high-quality original tunes ("Every Day," co-written by Alissa Moreno and Jeffrey Steele was Grammy-nominated...and a hit!).

Many of our songwriters have had songs cut, used in films and/or TV, or placed on hold.

The online WWAHM contest now becomes a repository of great songs! Comments can be made. Suggestions for who may be interested in a particular song can be left. A dialogue can ensue.

We envision film and TV supervisors and A&R people scouring our playlists for songs...indeed this is how many songs get found these days, and published.

If you have entered our contest beginning with the 2010-2 edition, your songs are online and can be listened to by others, indefinitely. (Of course you can decide whether to make it public or not...just let us know if you want your song removed.)

We want to make this contest a major benefit to our songwriters EVEN IF THEY DON'T WIN THE CONTEST. Just like the Expo, we want the WWAHM to be a "way" to get better, to hear the competition, to get new ideas for both songs and ways to earn money from your work, and to promote yourself.

The industry has changed dramatically in the last ten years. It is harder and harder to get a cut. Co-Writing with a top performer or hit songwriter (our grand prize!) is probably the best and fastest way to hear your song on the radio. Songs in our contest right now, a number of them, sound radio ready to us. Exposure of your quality songs is necessary in this good-song-filled business.

We hope you agree that this is a timely idea and will yourself listen to many songs, make comments, give praise, and tell people where to find some really great new music..."WRITE WITH A HIT-MAKER."


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