Don't run, play the game. Squeeze the juice onto the plate. Watch it drizzle down in progression. Filter the flourescence of the script. Falter to the line that hates. Don't run, play the game.

Barricade yourself in light and let the dark drip away. Figure the equation, light the vibration, determine the sequence and fulfill the embracement. Come to and fight the strain, zombie yourself through the day, don't run, play the game.

Spread the flies and filter the fits. Find a fruit and squeeze the juice. Watch the rays bring upon hate as you come to in a daze. Undo the man, become the outlier and shove away the discipline. Don't run, play the game.

Gaze out among the sharks, and serf the sea, dodge the bate. Cover the fear with intrusive conversation, and drink the juice. Fire away and take flight. Don't run, play the game.

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