by DeuceZ

Whats up
I keep it real homie
Let me slow it down for ya'll

(Verse 1)
Wake up
Get up
Open the curtains
Look out the window
I see war, panic and mayhem
Houses on fire
People dying
We killing each other
Is it because some of us are so
I don't know

I don't know what to do
It feels as if I'm in Apoctalypto
I've got no where to go
I've got to live on my own
In Aploctalypto

(Verse 2)
I try not to be a people pleaser
In fact to most I'm a non-pleaser
Yo but I can't help who I am
I have to grown up to be an almost man
Who started off making his voice sound like Darth Vader talking through a fan
And now he's a teenager who used to swear his ass off
And was always picked on so he mainly keeps his mouth shut off
And now you hear him rapping
And you think he's just whining
But have you ever took it as far as him
This could be a career for him
But he still doesn't meet your standards now
And you think your good friends with him how
How do you think he believes so much crap
But how he's gonna make it from here
I don't know


(Verse 3 x2)
Power circle
Sounds like a rapist circle
But I've heard enough
And if I cough
I'm sick
Because of everything you've done
So get lost you son of a gun


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