anthonys story..

by anthony courey
(palm harbor florida)

I'm 15 wanted to be a singer-songwriter since I was 12, I write songs everywhere I go, it takes me like 30 minutes to write each one and I'm very poetic and I have over a thousand songs and I put them I a journal, nobody thinks I'm talented but that doesn't matter because I got a drive to be a singer and that drive will probably get me somewhere everybody says hope doesn't work but that's because they never tried to believe themselves
I sing, play guitar and I'm learning piano and also musical theory
I've been told to do something else, but I am destined for this, I just have to work and have a good mindset
music has no competition in reality you just need a right mindset and people will come to you left and right. thank you everybody reading this who has given me a chance.

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