And The Stars Go With You

by Benjamin

And The Stars Go With You

Verse 1
Like yesterday
There's something old, something new
Along with me
Dim light and shadows
I want to walk with you
Please say yes
You can't keep a good man down
He'll always want to stand on his own
Help him to lift himself up
I've been trying to reach for the stars
Sometimes I come close
Other times I fall short
It's becoming a love-hate quest

Verse 2
World keeps turning
I'm yearning to shine so bright
To burn the dark eyes
I've been seeing myself with
Fascination becomes obsession
Admiration is no longer shown
Jealousy be still
To you it's effortless
It comes naturally
The light within you radiates
I don't believe it just happens that way
The mystery deepens

Verse 3
You're more than a simple creation
You're extraordinary
Luck delivers good fortune to you
I'd like to break bread with you
To learn things from the few
That shine as bright as you do

Chorus 1
You breathe
And the stars go with you

Chorus 2
You breathe
And the stars go with you
You get out of bed
Full of dreams and inspiration
I have tried but to no avail
To be like you
Maybe that's why I fail

Written By: B. (1/2/06)
Copyright 2006

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