Ana's Depression

by Kara Wachowski
(Perrinton, Michigan, United States)

Verse: 1
I wish I could turn back the hands of time
Cause messin with you was such a crime
You were my closest friend
And you were there until the end
But destroying me was your game
You beat me till i thought my life was lame
Ohh noo, you can't have me anymore
You are just a stupid selfish whore
I listened to your bullshit lies too many times
You were my pain's prime
But now I'm done with you
And now i have a crew
Verse 2:
I wish I could turn back the hands of time
I was so blind
You lent me your hand
But you were the worst brand
I used you as a crutch
But you broke you stupid bitch
Chorus: x1
Verse 3:
You cut me with razor blades
You torchured me with raides
I was lied to by my mirror
I cried every night in such horror
Oh I wish I could forget
Cause you are my biggest regret
I'm happy now
You fuckin cow
I have supporters
And even some reporters
Go away
And stay away
Chorus: x1

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