by Flyer
(South Africa(Limpopo))

OMG I need help
Coochie,drugs on my health
Re-hab repetition of herb
Speak up without loud in your breathI
I finna do this for mama and fam
Peanut butter food for thought in my jam
Tell em say ima get it*2
Do i need a rollie or a grill?
To make the conversation crystal clear
The dibas talking undressing bitches here*2
No algorithm that can solve mt problems
Man i had the rythm since i picked the cotton
Nigga oh lord i want everything
Lord knows im a vanity slave
i grew up and blew bud
Found the plug and i switched up
Cut me like im Kinta Kunta
But im still running this shit like im Oscar Pistorious
Why you still on the previous?
I cross borders to borders like a globletrotter
You want us to stay uniform but you never taught us
Sleep for the rich,i never blink like the eye of Horus

After a prayer i say Amen
After i fuck i say a women*4

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