All Alone

by Tanner Cardot

I'm all alone on Halloween
No pretty girl next to me
I still got school, not so bad
But being alone is pretty sad
No outdoor parties
Not a beer in sight
All alone on a happy night
Next comes Christmas
Still alone on the best of nights
Then I saw your mother's face
Shining in the bright lights
Here she was wondering
What its like next to me
But I was still alone

Then she came up to me
Sayin you are a wonderful thing
And today you'll never be alone
Because I love you

We got together on a wonderful night
On the day right before Valentine's
We'd been going out for 30 days
I'll never forget the look on her face
When we left we got into a fight
Under the moon on this joyous night
We broke up under a street light
Now I'm all alone on Valentine's
No more pretty girl next to me
I'd let her go away with glee
I can't explain how I was emotionally
Right then I remembered why
I had still loved that beautiful face
Finally its the last day of school
I can't help but look at her one last time
And think once you were mine

Then as I left she walked over and said
You are a wonderful thing
And after today you'll never be alone
Because I still love you

That was it I had seen everything
I loved her and she loved me
That is the story of your mother and I
If she was here she'd say its a lie
On her last day here
She said a wonderful thing
She said I wasn't alone this Halloween

I could see the smile on her face
As she said your a wonderful thing
And you'll never be alone
Even if I'm gone I always love you

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