Alan Harrison

by Alan Harrsion

Tree Of Life

Tree Of Life

A Little About Me


Acoustic Guitar and lead vocals

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Musical Style

Just good songs (hopefully !) without too many effects which I feel can cheapen the melody.Eg. no hip hop drum beats/rap added just to make it sound commercial or in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience.


Words at times are so useless;let the music do the talking !
Rory Gallagher I met this guy a few times;a fantastic humble unassuming man.He was so special Pure Rock and Roll.
Paco De Lucia, Beautiful gifted player;
Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Gerry Rafferty,U2,Uriah Heep,Bach,Rory Gallagher,(see link below)ELO,The Beatles,
Frank Marino Another underrated craftsman
and so many more

Additional Info

Music MUST remain live where possible real music dies every time a group/artist perform with backing tapes which is simply fraudulent.

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