Ain't No Pie in the Blue berry Sky by James Cook

by james cook

Ain't No Pie
The Blue Berry
( X2) Sky....

You Don't Gotta
Tell me No More lies
Cuz Ain't No Pie
In the Blue berry
Just let me Cry U
Just Hurt my Pride
It's either Do or Die
Cuz it ain't no where
to hide Cuz I'm Gonna
Ride even if the Tides
is to High let the Bullets
fly Cuz ready to Die...

Ain't No Pie in
the Blue Berry Sky, even though I try
but the pain cuts deep inside
it's so hard to Survive in these
dayes an times it's just Mississippi state
of mind....
Cuz Ain't No Pie in the Blue Berry Sky
The Cotton Is High an the moon shine is
one of kind an the eagle can Fly an Sun can shine
Ain't no pie In the blue berry Sky
You don't gotta me no more lies...........

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