Ace Going In

by Keith
(St.Paul, MN, USA)

Can they keep up? Nah, im just too raw, too cold for ya'll, ammo stacked standing tall, this gon turn into the alamo cause we packed just we aint gonna fall, Ya'll just following us bro, other words you swallowing dust hoe, ya riding low, far below, where my toe go, you done goofed thinking yo rhymes spooked, more like a spoof of my groove you aint proof just a stoop, because ima step on them if they dont move, i aint got nothing to prove just that im the best at what i do, go get a crew to battle me, see how soon i make them look like a bafoon that shizz dont rattle me, girls got them lagoons when Ace step in the room, rappers preparing for doom, was a late bloomer but now a days im a boomer, exploding greatly but better would have been sooner, but i work hard cause i aint no loser, murk are tards thinking they are stars, got thin strings no bars, phone always ringing. People always bringing me drama, just tryna get out of the hood for my mama, stood there when father walked out, thinking what the heck could have made a man leave, his family, step dad on deck never disbelieved in me, told me life wasnt easy, was told to make it happen keith, coming to see that in between those 2 A's me i see, lifes rough but aye we who we are, screw judge mental people, loyal girls come to me, ill treat ya like a queen, tryna make green from rapping is a dream i wont leave because im amazingly talented, thankful ive been granted this gift, just wish the price wasnt so costly, wont see family for a while, or messing up coming back empty handed, i wont let my house have famine, no physical damage, ill love my kids and give em the world, tell em these words, fighting with swords made of lyrics just to afforded shit for a family i dont have yet, just bet when i do get them ima be the greatest father you have met. yall rappers just upsets just dont forget, that im a bit twisted. A.C.E out... remember aim for riches

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