About Our Songwriting Contest

For years we thought about creating a "contest" to be incorporated somehow into our Durango Songwriters EXPOs. How to do it? What to give for prizes? Money? Recording time? Gear? All great ideas but DONE DONE DONE already.

Here's a thought: What does EVERY ASPIRING SONGWRITER WANT?

Well, yes, to write a hit song but, aside from that...? How about CO-WRITING with an ESTABLISHED HIT SONGWRITER?!? That's it! Who wouldn't get excited about that?

So that's what we created in our now annual WRITE A WITH A HIT-MAKER Contest!

The winners in each category (Pop and Country) of each contest get to write a song with one of our top hit songwriters!


Click here for details and to enter our current contest.

See some of our winners on YouTube below!

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