From the day of birth see --people tried to curse me

Courts draining me of my earn-ings—

incarcerating me-- trying to get me a sentencing---I start lighting not bothering no one--now iam sleeping in remand-

22 hours in cell-2 hour in the yard its hell---foods garbage—when iam out ill be causing carnage

In division E-taking ectascy when I have completed my sentencing ill be pointing and venting

nozzle to your mouthahh-- eat gun powder—red shower—pistol to the face send you to a nicer place

more blood-- then rules legislated by kevin rudd—smoke more bud than petrol pumped at on the run

on the run from the police mun --thanks to mum—I running for your death --like someone running for president

fantasy-- it will turn into reality-no can’t --or won’t--- perfect the cash—like a floating boat

make more money -- make u want to slit ya throat

—what was said about me… wat a joke I wont scoop that low—like your daughter at her show-- you know the bar --where she lets everyone see her arrse

let me start by saying only ass ill do-- is when you add a p at the front off the word—I talk verbs --alright-- with mates smoking the glass pipe-- it goes left and right-up for nights-trying figure out lfe

I come with peace see- treat me like feacie-ill cut u like souvlaki --cook u up like food in a pantry

All I ask for is sanity-too much anger in this home—giving me insanity—makes me want to fly away-- futher than the hours in a day—get got bitch --- bang your lifes lost bitch

at the cop shop --your famous -- photo of you on the wall—have you seen her missing from her home

pack massive cones to deal with massive hoes—dumb bimbos turn Hindu-- you’r a cow they’ll love you

I am Like a electrician and a physician when it comes to THC production ---produced immaculately like Ferrari —smoke abundantly

Its pungent and potent product-stickier green-than a sugary component

its always kush season --smoke till ya eyes bleeding—got that bong that’s heated—5 cone hitter—smoking bongs on twitter—

I am sinister man ---my plan is to aim higher than the prime minister man when on a airliner

- keep on digging like a gold miner—leave cynical people thinking

smoking the baddest green ---carbonating the galaxy —my creativity will send me further than infinity

people step on me ill give them rotisserie—stainless still misery pop pop your history

take advantage of me you will be sleeping breathlessly—more red than Christmas-- put you under the tree--

boys in blue chasing me now -- swimming in red - split feds head like water melons in Carrabin

—motionless you be forgetting your past and no more future---bang-- blow your brains with a bazooka—stupid zoo creature—you’ll be under a empacher the new feature on today's paper

trying to frame me like a picture—detain me like a killa—trying leave me dead like the man who sung thriller

people don’t want me to blaze as I age I see people are not what they say

as I age I see things clearer—looking in the mirror—I can see the bigger picture—I will be the biggest winner—nothing wrong if I become thinner—
drop another pinger—eyes diolate- they go bigger celebration to my

—never cease always function—police scream freeze-- speeding down grand junction leave them in the breeze with ease—I scream fuck u corrupted D’s

trying take me away---po release tazer to the face-parents fabricating what they say—me acting in dangerous ways—coming from people with brains smaller than grains
—ill make more money than a cash register from the beginning of its days

Buy fish and chips for fam—secretly call police man to tie my hand—tring
put me behind the slam--true pieces of shit—people of that nature--deserve missing limbs—people like that get dumped in drains—peopol like that drown when they swim

Or get found in the bin-or wrapped like a turban-no time or room for them

like a grey hound ill run like the wind—run away from others sins---un

called for lessons that never needing teaching—

sleeping in cage as police patrolling the place on shift who can be the biggest dick—threaten to empty there clips—work the roster shift- the biggest roosters-they should b in the coop but instead there driving Monaro coupes

I have worn the batton like suit-- that don’t go out of fassion-need to leave this situation go on a vacation

More sophisticated than that-ill break my back-- to make that- Guap--

money making operation---will make more money than taxation—

running there lip—trying to put me away for more than abit

while they sleep peacefully in pyjamas in bed---make dramas for me continuously in my head—I am wearing prison pyjamas disgracefully in bed sentencing ending in august—hanging for a bong yes-- i am restless—I need a peaceful nights rest-I just want to spray u with bullets endless—

looking at her from above laying flat like mattress spraying u with slugs-u dead like a squashed bug—dug a hole for you under a cactus

all about precision beating my completion-family trying to division my vision—finding that better plan ---running from police man is no achievement—who am I to judge been there done that stuff—didn’t want to lose a ounce of puff --so I speed up

I be seasoning to cover the pain i am feeling—

fending the feeling to elevate higher than the ceiling continue elevating—like a space shuttle rocket

—flames pouring out like a dragon I can’t stop till I hit the jackpot—rock rock—rocket—shut up put a sock in it-

--or I will socket it looking 100 but only 30 teeth missing from the hurting that you were deserving

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