A Stand

by Lemuel Giviens
(Irmo, SC, United States)

I wonder if life is meant to be this way,
Dreams broken and shattered without
a doubt.

Why must things remain this way?
Only judgment will determine the
fight each day.

Control is a big issue and used to
trap many fools, Try to stand up or
speak up and you only lose.

If a spouse is involved they will
make you choose, Break your
spirit and chew you up like food,

Down the toilet it goe's like
Mississippi Blues,

Reporter's usually report bad
news to keep you glued to the

Pierce the flesh and watch it
bruise, It's time again to rise
up and make a civil move,

Living in today's world there
are so many things to prove,

So why fight for a country that
is leading us to doom.

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