by Christopher Williams
(Atlanta Ga)

My Name is Christopher Williams Also known as "Black KeyZ". I am A Song Writer from Detroit MI,
but Resigns In Atlanta to Claim what is mine. A Story of a lost Song Writer from Detroit MI, who wastes his Goods (lyrics) in the City of Atlanta GA. When 4 BiG time Song Writers finds his Goods and uses it too there own advantage. Thou it is written that you can not live behind another mans work, the Song Writers are stuck in there Old Time Generation. While the lost Song Writer is apart of the New Testament ~ ( Revelations) has to find out who he is in order to get his half of the Stewardship. Though it seems Impossible He continues too not only prove to the world that his Goods are song by Nation Wide Super Star (Monica) Arnold but proves too him self that GOD can transform the word 'Impossible' N to 'Possible' Quicker then a thief in the night. This is based on a True Story. ©All Rights Are Reserved By: Writer Christopher R. Williams ~ Lesson Learned ~ "Dreams Come True" Believe~ GOD Bless.

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