A Song of Blue

by Nicole Westerhouse
(Indianapolis, IN)

Where do we go from here?
Why am I wasting my time?
Singing these stupid words
Making this stupid rhyme
What is that gonna change?
What is that gonna prove?
How is it gonna give me back
The things I always seem to lose?

This song is breaking my heart
Because I'm falling apart
And I never seem to realize
Until I write it in a song
That something here is wrong

I'm empty
It's tempting to just give up
Go away. Disappear.
Into the fading night
That just doesn't seem right

Who am I not to fight?
For what I want
I have my life
So for everyone no longer alive
No longer able to fight
I guess this song is for you
Maybe it's for me too

Maybe I just can't see
How I could call me alive
How can I be dead and still breathing?
How can my heart break while it's beating?
How do I go on from here?
How do I overcome this fear

Of failure
I feel I'm sure
Something isn't right
But I will still fight
For those who are no longer alive
I guess this song is for you
Maybe it's for me too.

This song is a song of blue.

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