A Song for Duckie

by Nicole Westerhouse
(Indianapolis, IN)

He stays outside in the cold
Cause he couldn't get in
Still he stays 'til the end of the night
Just to walk the girl home
Get a moment alone
Get some clarity. Get the words right
Does he ever get the girl?

He hasn't got money
But he's got her back
When she's under attack from above
They all look down their nose
At her homemade clothes
While he looks at her
With nothing but love
Does he ever get the girl?

He loves her so much
Yeah, loves her just enough
Just enough to let her go
Will she ever know?
He holds the words back
For fear she might laugh
The fight for the girl, he will throw
No, she'll never know
The man of her dreams
Has been here all this time
And he cries,
"When will the girl be mine?"

He thought if he walked away
She would beg him to stay
She would see what she's missed all along
But she chose someone else
Left him out by himself
In the cold light he sees he was wrong
He will never get the girl

All dressed to the nines
Waiting in line
Hoping that someday she'll learn
The question here is,
Will he settle for this?
Love with no love in return
No, he'll never get the girl

She's pretty in pink
But he's starting to think
It's time to let her go
She will never know
She's too blinded by stars
To see how perfect they are
And he's tired of loving alone
Cause she'll never know
The way that those stars should align
And he cries,
"The girl will never be mine"

Is it better to love and to lose
Than to love and be lost?
What is the cost
of will he ever get the girl?
He put all his chips in
And they fell where they may
Yes, they all fell away
Cause he will never get the girl

And he cries,
"When will the girl be mine?
Will the girl ever be mine?
No, the girl was never mine."

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