A Pretend Friend

by AshleySign

I guess you were good at pretend
That you managed to become my friend
But you broke my trust
And left me to rust
Even when I said
That you were all I had
(Pretend friend...)
Now you wont even look
Although its an open book
The pages are turned
They are still stuck on one
They were waiting for you
To know what you would do
But I guess they dont know
That your only just show
(A Pretend friend
Yeah your a pretend friend)
You'll just leave them and me
For the cruel world to see
How mean could you be...
(Cause your a pretend friend)

You forced a mark on my heart
But now you'll just depart
If only you would fulfil
A single meek little wish
You could just even pretend
And tell me that I was a good friend
The bestest pretend friend
(Just a pretend friend)

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