A Lonely Place of Dying 2

Not cut out to be here, just hiding from reality
Apathy and ‘zade, ranting on the page
Sit here, lie here, never want to be here
The list of things I want to do
Focus on the wrong thing never focusing at all
Can’t get to know it can’t reach it lost grasp
Indecision can’t even cover everything
Aiming for nothing and panic without an aim
Picked up a book and fell into another world
Never read a word and I was completely enthralled
Not like your world here with other people
I die here a little because no-one can see
My imaginary lie here is only made for me
I have a deadline and all I think is what I shouldn’t be doing
I’ve wasted time how to tell what is the most waste?
What if my goals have changed, I’m scared my real goals are too hard
I’m giving up again while not playing my back-up set of cards
For each and every dream and for every bad memory of regret
The memories I keep in heart never really happened
I desire so much of which I’ve never met

I didn’t live the dream I just lived in one
And I’m too shy to say that that can change
I’m reaching for you from my own cave inside
No-one can see yet again I hide
I’ve always shied away from you I’ve always shied from this harsh truth
Why would any of that ever change?
If I could replace any part of me I wouldn’t keep a thing
I can’t tell how I got here and why I couldn’t sing
The younger you are the simpler it is to waste away
You always have another chance to see a brighter day
I always thought if I wasn’t ready timing would repeat
I’d get another occasion to not admit defeat
Instead you get tied down in a place you can’t forget
Somewhere you don’t recognise as if you never met
You wake up startled struggling to breathe during the night
And then another day starts with no energy to fight
I try to force something to change, even if it breaks
But I can’t get my head in gear, or all the energy it takes
Sit here, die here, even though I’m free here
I can’t stand up and I think I’ve given up

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Nov 29, 2013
by: U.R.Nutts!

This is U.R.Nutts! and we're a band in Arkansas and we really like this. Many people can relate to this and this is really mind blowing lol. Me and the guys needed to come up with a song like this but we didn't know how to start it or anything. You are our inspiration right now and this song is sublem. Good Work

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