A Lone Survivor

by Angela Khristin Brown
(Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

I'm not quitting, no not me
I'm not to give up on my dreams
Some try to stop me with their please
But I just keep, keepin on
Keep, keepin on

I been trying to cope with this desease
Ain't got no cause or reason, to breath
Every time flash backs from the past
Disturbed, I feel the heat
Disturbed, I hear their cries
I am absorbed with mania throb inside
Thoughts of suicide cross my mind
And I holler, cry out, scream
Mad at myself without reason
The thoughts of holding true
When I'm feeling blue
Can't stop from wanting more to do

I'd been coping with my desease
It's been hard trying to please
All the people out there
Don't know me
Don't choose to care
I'm wasting time
And it's not fair to me
To have to live this way
Trying to keep my sanity
Threats of locking me in prison
Everyday is a new day
A new hope
A new way of life
And no, not I'm not given up
I'm keep, keep, keepin on

To all the mess stirred out there
folks will lie and cheat
Try to take you for everything
There are better things
I know out there, I know just because I care
Just make a wish to God
And find yourself
And make the most out of your life
Keep, keepin on
Keep, dreaminnnnn
Hold on to your dreams

I'm a survivor, a lonely survivor
Schizophrenia ain't go tie me down
I'm a survivor, keep, keep keepin on

I've been dealing with avoiding thoughts
They'll try excuses to say you are illin
Try to say your crazy for living
But it's your life, hold on to your dreams
Trying to stay focused on what I've got
Trying to stay cool with life
By making a difference as I strive
Keeping busy, Better things to do
Than wishing things can change
And I'm not through

No, not given up
No, not given up
No, not given up
Hey out there
Lost in the crowd
I'm writing this song
Just for you
Keep, keepin on
Don't let go
Keep, Keepin on
Hold on, hold on

Hold on to your dreams

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