A Little Swig Of Budweiser

by Nuno Baptista

(Verse 1)
A mans gotta eat
More than a chicken salad
Need a real feast

A mans gotta drink
Water won`t do it
Need to live like a King

Every once in a while I need
A little swig of "Budweiser"
Can`t go a long time without
A little swig of "Budweiser"

Seem empty inside without
A little swig of "Budweiser"
but feel just fine after
A little swig of "Budweiser"

(Verse 2)
After a real man works
He jumps in the shower
to wash off the dirt

He needs his drink
A friend lady, and a movie
To live like a King

(Repeat Chorus)

A better way to watch the fight
A better way to celebrate the night
A better year enjoying everything in life
All provided through the courtesy of "Budweiser"


(Repeat Chorus)

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