A girl who says never/Who says never/A girl who says neva/A girl (who says never)

by Tetiana Petrunina

Verse 1
Listen to me young heart
I knew it right from the start
I was dreaming about it
I felt like life is in the beat
And then I’ve started living
Loving, hoping and believing
Playing for that day to come as soon as it can
I knew I could do it so listen to me men
There was a girl with a lot of fear
Was alone nobody’s dear
Having no boyfriend wasn’t her only problem
Sometimes if you want something to gotta stumble

Dealing with a basic shit that’s her life story
But at the end of the day she’ll get a glory
So I was a girl who says never to anything
Looking for a love and blessing

Interlude - Spoken
Come to me closer I might teach ya a little something
Never listen to a shitheads cause sometimes fall even kings
Do your job we all got a work to do
No matter who you are pink, hetero or blue
Verse 2
So there was a time I was broke
Success depends on whom you spoke
Don’t let them buy you brat
I‘d rather die than be a copycat


Listen carefully to what mama says
Life is so hard and short nowadays
Sometimes you got to do hocus-pocus
If you wanna live and die in a right locus
Yeah I know even a nutty as a fruitcake
Make it better they take your cake
I’ve been through it I feel you breadwinner
One day you are saint next one you’re a sinner
Babe, see Life happens all the time
It might be seen you don’t worth a dime
Never do crimes find your perfect time
To be on the top there is no time to stop


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