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New Updates for Expo Park City, Oct 5-7!
September 25, 2006

A Special Message from Jim Attebery:

Dear Friends,

I just want to remind you once again about the upcoming Expo in Park City, October 5-7, which promises to be yet another incredibly exciting opportunity. One of the most important things I want to stress about The Expo is the fact that music industry pros and hit songwriters contact us all the time about attending the DSE and they absolutely love this event and what it provides. Truly, they want to come here. They love the motivation and inspiration that it provides, not only to them, but to upcoming writers and artists who participate. So much of the excitement at the Expo comes from the industry people. How rare.

Where else can you network, be heard, and participate in such an inspirational and motivational environment? You can go to an event where there's 2,000 attendees (we're always less than 200) and, believe me, you probably won't be heard, nor will you be as likely to actually meet and spend time with someone who will advance your career as what you'll get at the Durango event. That's our "claim to fame," so to speak.

Anyone who has sever been to the Expo will almost certainly tell you it's more than worth the time and expense to get there. But we also understand that sometimes it's simply an economic issue that keeps you from attending. So— if you fall in this category, and really want to come but can't afford it right now, here's a deal for you:

Refer just three NEW attendees and we'll let you in free! (Sometimes we will even take on another volunteer or two who gets the registration fee waived for helping us at the event.) Contact me directly if you are interested in either of these options.

In fact, because we know that people have struggled in the past to get to and afford the event when it was in Durango, we moved things to Park City this year where it was less expensive and more convenient for travelers. Southwest and United Airlines have both recently advertised special low fares to Salt Lake City.

After ten years of doing this, uncounted people have advanced their careers at The Expo. Time is running out. Do yourself and The Expo a favor and make the trek to Park City, Oct. 5-7. You won't regret it!

Just a couple of new updates:

• While the published Showcase submission deadline is Monday, Sept. 25th, if your package is RECEIVED by Wednesday, Sept. 27th, we will still accept it. Any received after the 27th cannot be guaranteed to be auditioned for the Showcase.

• For the first time ever, we are providing a scholarship to a student to attend The Expo as part of our outreach to the community. This year's scholarship has been awarded to Benton Paul, a music student at BYU. Congratulations Benton!

So join us at the The Expo Oct. 5-7. We promise you our heart, our soul, and our complete dedication to making this the most special songwriting event you'll ever experience.

See you there!


PS. Click here for the Registration Form. (If you can't print it out, contact us and we will mail or fax you one.)

NEW for Park City: We'll be raffling off a Yamaha DW30 acoustic guitar (a $1,000 value). MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! :)

To reserve your room call 1-888-CANYONS and make sure to identify yourself as being with the Durango Songwriters Group. There are two hotels at The Canyons literally adjacent to each other, The Sundial Lodge and The Grand Summit. Both are spectacular! The rooms are just $89/night at The Sundial Lodge and slightly higher at The Grand Summit.

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Durango Writers Night in Nashville!

Don't forget our monthly Durango Songwriters Night at the Blue Bar in Nashville. The next Expo night is Monday 10/16. Thanks to all our "Expo-ites" and Members who continue to make this a special night.

If you're in Nashville, COME ON DOWN to the Blue Bar on October 16th!

Email if you would like to be added to the line-up. Thanks to all who come out to play, listen and support us!

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Not everyone can join us in Durango each year to be educated and inspired by our panelists and hit songwriters. But every songwriter can now have access to the next-best thing- and benefit from many of the same resources provided each year at the Durango Songwriter's Expo. offers Members a chance to hear writers, publishers, producers, managers and executives who decide what songs and artists make it to the big leagues.

Annually, we record the EXPO Panel Discussions and make them available in our subscription-based Backstage. If you can't make it to the EXPO in person, you can still get the same information from our ever-growing library of recorded discussions, as well as songwriter interviews and other special features.

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