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Counting Down to Colorado Springs!
September 24, 2008

Counting Down to Colorado Springs!

Hi Everybody, Jim Attebery here once again. We're almost there! The Colorado Springs CO, October 2-4 Durango Songwriters Expo at Cheyenne Mountain Resort is just about a week away! Registered? Got your airline ticket? Reserved your room? It's not too late!

Also, the deadline for us to receive your CD to submit for the showcases is technically tomorrow, 09/24/08. And we do have to have them all this week. But if you think we might not get it tomorrow and it's on the way, call me at 970.259.9747. You can catch me there about any other issues as well. Write down my number before you leave for the Expo. I'm pretty much communication central once we all start heading to the event!

I'm so looking forward to seeing all you great old friends again and welcoming many new ones to the fold!


Click here to view and print out the Brochure/Registration PDF
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If you cannot print out the brochure, contact us. We will take your information over the phone if you do not have the forms. If you need immediate assistance in registering, please call Jim Attebery at 970.259.9747. Thank you!

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