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Register Early for Colorado Springs and Save
July 11, 2008

Now Taking Registrations for Fall Expo

Hi Everybody, Jim Attebery here. We're opening the doors for our next great Expo: Colorado Springs CO, October 2-4 at the magnificent Cheyenne Mountain Resort.

Remember, the Early Bird registration date is August 18th, 2008. If you register by then you'll save $49! And, a reminder, you MUST book your ROOM by September 8th if you want to stay at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, and don't forget to mention that you are with the Durango Songwriters Expo group.

Click here to view and print out the Brochure/Registration PDF
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If you cannot print out the brochure, contact us with your name and mailing address and we will send you the brochure via USPS. If you need immediate assistance in registering, please call Jim Attebery at 970.259.9747. Thank you!

Note: Southwest Airlines has been advertising some great rates to Denver and Colorado Springs.

Durangonians Rock!

Adroit Records Discovers International Tunesmith Brendan McKinney at the Durango Songwriters Expo

Nashvilleís innovative new label, Adroit Records, is excited to announce the signing of internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Brendan McKinney.

"I met Brendan at the Durango Songwriters Expo in Asheville, N.C. when he came to a special Adroit Records listening session," says Adroit Records President Jim Tract.

"All I can say is he knocked me out from the first four bars of the first song he played for me. Brendan is exactly the kind of seriously talented songwriter we are interested in supporting. He has an honest, earthy, visceral sound that speaks not only to true country, but real Americana. Plus, ironically, he grew up five miles from where I did! I love irony and synergy, and we seem to experience a lot of it. We are so happy to welcome Brendan McKinney to the Adroit family."

Born and reared in Philadelphia, Brendan has toured throughout the U.S. and pierced the international music scene with his Americana tunes fused with blues and country. He has traveled throughout Europe and the Scandinavia peninsula performing in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland Germany, Austria and Greece.

"It was Jim Tractís reaction and enthusiasm for my song that encouraged me to work with Adroit," says Brendan. "Itís a great lift to be on the roster of Adroit Records."

Brendanís phenomenal track, 'Yeah She Does,' will be featured on Adroit Records first compilation of the best singer-songwriters.

To stay updated on Brendan and the exciting new music being released on Adroit Records, please visit


Brendan is a multi-year Expo-ite and one of our favorite people...congrats Brendan!

Adroit Records Signs Deal with Joshua Rush

Adroit Records has also made a single song deal with options with Joshua Rush, another Expo veteran. Congratulations Joshua!

"Another benefit of attending the Durango Songwriters Expo was meeting Warren Sellers [a long-time Expo-ite] who co-wrote 'I Found Myself Dancing' and who turned me on to Joshua. Itís an extremely poignant song and vivid story, and when Joshua sang it for me with just his acoustic guitar I heard a whole world of possibilities that made it and Joshua a perfect fit for Adroit. Joshua is an extremely talented singer as well as writer, and an extra bonus is he shares my passion for baseball!" óJim Tract, Adroit Records

"Iím looking forward to being part of a team that genuinely loves music as much as I do. Iím a real fan of the artists on Adroitís roster and feel blessed to be counted alongside them." óJoshua Rush

Nashville Showcase News

We're taking a summer break from hosting a Durango Showcase at the Blue Bar in Nashville until September. Watch for updates about special shows that may be announced for August.

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