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Deadline for "early bird" registration 8/25!
August 20, 2006

Register Now and Save $25!

The NEXT EXPO is right around the corner, October 5-7, 2006 at the beautiful Canyons Resort in Park City, UT.

Click here for the Registration Form. (If you can't print it out, contact us and we will mail you one.)

A reminder that a couple of important deadlines are approaching. If you want to take advantage of the "early bird" registration fee (a $25 savings), the deadline is AUGUST 25th.

If you are submitting for the Showcase, your material must be received by SEPTEMBER 25th.

To reserve your room call 1-888-CANYONS and make sure to identify yourself as being with the Durango Songwriters Group. There are two hotels at The Canyons literally adjacent to each other, The Sundial Lodge and The Grand Summit. Both are spectacular! The rooms are just $89/night at The Sundial Lodge and slightly higher at The Grand Summit.


If you have questions, call Jim Attebery at 970-259-9747.

PS. As always, we'll have a tremendous line-up of talented people on hand. Notable newcomers this year: Bob Dipiero (many big hits including "Take Me As I Am"), Emerson Hart (from TONIC) and Matt Scannell (Vertical Horizon) many other big-time first-timers and "old hands."

Exploits from the Expo

Just about anyone who's made anything happen for themselves in the music business (or any business!) will likely tell you that you have to exploit, take advantage of -- in a good way -- every opportunity. Year after year the Expo offers each participant many one-on-one opportunities to make something happen...and many great success stories have ultimately been the result.

Here's an "Exploit" from J. Morley. Thanks J!

"It was the first Durango event I went to...I got a really good response from my first listening session. Steve Markland [Windswept Music] and Warren Sellers were critiquing. They liked my stuff and I was psyched up about it. I went down to the bar and Jeffrey Steele was down there and I asked him what he thought about Steve Markland liking my songs [Markland is Jeffrey's publisher] and he said, 'Man if Steve likes your stuff, you're IN, that's a touchdown! You've made it son...' And I wrote that down on a bar napkin and on the way home [Boulder] in the middle of a blizzard I wrote a song called 'Touchdown' and I demo-ed it and I've gotten some great response from it."

...just because of that little sequence of events at the DSE. These things happen to virtually EVERYONE who comes to the Expo for those three days twice a year! (Do you have a cool story? Contact us.)

Durango Writers Night in Nashville!

Don't forget our monthly Durango Songwriters Night at the Blue Bar in Nashville. The next Expo night is Monday 8/21. If you're in Nashville, COME ON DOWN!

Email if you would like to be added to the line-up. Thanks to all who come out to play, listen and support us!

What is

Not everyone can join us in Durango each year to be educated and inspired by our panelists and hit songwriters. But every songwriter can now have access to the next-best thing- and benefit from many of the same resources provided each year at the Durango Songwriter's Expo. offers Members a chance to hear writers, publishers, producers, managers and executives who decide what songs and artists make it to the big leagues.

Annually, we record the EXPO Panel Discussions and make them available in our subscription-based Backstage. If you can't make it to the EXPO in person, you can still get the same information from our ever-growing library of recorded discussions, as well as songwriter interviews and other special features.

Check us out!

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