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REGISTER EARLY for Rico Rico and SAVE $$!
August 18, 2007

REGISTER EARLY for Rico Rico and SAVE $$!

Hi Everybody, Jim Attebery here with a couple of important reminders about the upcoming Fall Expo to be held October 4-6 in a brand new location for us, the magnificent Esplendor Resort at Rico Rico (in southern Arizona near Tucson):

1. Don't wait too long to register! Truly, after eleven years now of doing this, it is harder and harder to accommodate the last minute attendees. If you REALLY want to come, REGISTER EARLY.

2. We are implementing two great incentives for you to register before September 1st. The first was previously announced: The reduced Registration Fee of $250 (save $49 if you register by 9/1). Additionally, ALL EARLY REGISTRANTS WILL BE ENTERED INTO A DRAWING TO WIN A FREE REGISTRATION (at a future Expo - there is no time limit to use the free registration but it has be used at a FUTURE event, not THIS event.) One winner will be chosen.


"If you're a songwriter and you're looking to connect with people on the business end of music, you HAVE to seriously consider going to the Durango Expo. After you've considered it, call someone who's already attended. I guarantee that shortly thereafter, you will have bought your plane ticket and shortly after attending, you will be kicking yourself for not going sooner. What made it stand out in my eyes was the accessibility, the focus on 'the song' and the willingness of these accomplished people to reach out and help you if they hear potential in your work. Once you've made connections, you MUST, MUST GO TO NASHVILLE or wherever they are to follow up. That is probably the single most important thing you can do to solidify your new friendships with these folks. If you don't go, they'll forget about you. It's up to you to glue it all together. Invest in your songs. Go to Durango!"Kathrin Shorr

CLICK HERE to download and print out the Registration Form PDF file now. Better get registered!

Alternately you may view, print out and/or save the 2007 Rico Rico Brochure JPG file:
2007 Rico Rico Brochure Page 1
2007 Rico Rico Brochure Page 2

(If you have problems viewing or printing out these files, Contact Us with your mailing address and we will drop the Brochure in the mail to you!)

Important Note: Like everyone else these days, increased transportation costs (especially) have affected the Expo. Consequently we have been forced to raise the Registration Fee from $250 to $299 for this event. However, REGISTER EARLY (see above) and you'll still be able to get in at the old price, just $250! Thanks for your understanding and continued support of the best songwriter event in the land! (Yes, we are a bit biased!)

Special Note: Currently, there are some fantastic airline rates into Phoenix and Tucson, especially on Southwest Airlines. Better grab your ticket!

Stay tuned to this site and make sure you have signed up for our free Great Connections Newsletter so you will be first to receive updates about the next event!


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Looking to Showcase in Greater L.A.?

Thanks to our friend and Expo veteran, Frank Giampaolo from Laguna, CA, we can hook you up!

Says Frank, "I have been attending your Durango Songwriters Expos in the Santa Barabara Wine Country. If you have any songwriters that would like to play my Songwriters Live showcase in South Orange County, please have them contact me at:

"It is held on the fourth Thursday of each month. Some of the past performing songwriters include Steve Dorff, Ray Herndon, Jimbeau Hinson, Kevin Fisher, Pete Sellis, Amanda Williams and Bobby Tomberlin."

So there you go! Contact Frank and get yourself added to a Songwriters Live bill!

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Durango Writers Night in Nashville!

Special Note from mrJack: I will not be in Nashville for the next Durango Night at the Blue Bar. But I can confidently say that you are left in good hands with Amanda Williams, our host. BE SURE TO SPEAK TO HER IF YOU ARE A "DURANGO-ITE." She will get you on the bill if you wish to play. THANKS! (See you in September!)

The Amanda Williams Monday Writers Night, which is host to our Durango Songwriters the THIRD MONDAY of each month, is held at the Blue Bar on Broadway, starting at 9pm. Next DSE night is August 20th.

Rack Room/Blue Bar
1911 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203

Email if you would like to be added to the line-up. Thanks to all who come out to play, listen and support us!

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Annually, we record the EXPO Panel Discussions and make them available in our subscription-based Backstage. If you can't make it to the EXPO in person, you can still get the same information from our ever-growing library of recorded discussions, as well as songwriter interviews and other special features.

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