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Durango Nite at The Listening Room Nashville Monday 11/10
November 09, 2008

Durango Nite at The Listening Room Nashville Monday 11/10

Hey Everybody, Jim Attebery here. The Durango Songwriters Expo SONGWRITING CONTEST EARLY BIRD DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 15th! Get in on that drawing for a FREE EXPO!

Our contest has become something really special. Recent past winners have gotten cuts and deals and accolades and I think everyone would agree that getting to write with a hit songwriter is a very cool prize. It just opens an enormous number of doors in the songwriting community...and results in great songs and career-enhancing credits!

IMPORTANT: If you enter the contest on or before the postmark date of November 15th, you'll be entered into a drawing among the other early entrants to WIN A FREE EXPO REGISTRATION. That's a $300 prize! So if you want to have a great chance to win a FREE EXPO, get your contest song entry in by November 15th, 2008. And good luck!.

Durango Nite at The Listening Room Monday 11/10

Join mrJack and a lot of Durango friends, including the stellar line-up of performers listed below, at Durango Nite at The Listening Room Cafe (in Cummins Station) on Monday 11/10. 8-10pm.

Scott Lindsey

The music of Scott Lindsey is a perfect blend of many influences, equal parts bluegrass, blues, rock and roll, and an extra dash of traditional country. These parts have come together to give Scott Lindsey a unique sound.

Find Scott on MySpace.

Hanna McNeil

There is just something about Hannah McNeil that makes people want to connect, give their soul, and be a part of the good... and the goose bumps she is creating through her music & live show. Hannah McNeil writes mainstream, catchy songs about your life and mine....

Find Hannah on MySpace.

CJ Jones

Craig CJ Jones started his performing career in Odessa, Texas being managed by Herb Graham (Heartland, Steve Holy, One Trick Pony). After graduating from Permian High (Friday Night Lights), CJ played all over Texas before moving to Los Angeles to attend GIT, the Guitar Institute of Technology. CJ toured or performed with Edgar Winter, Tori Amos, Jay Boy Adams, Les Dudek, Leif Garrett, among others. In 2006 CJ moved to Nashville where he is currently writing, recording, and producing.

Find CJ on MySpace.

Treva Blomquist

Seattle born and now Nashville based, Treva has quickly risen to the top of an endless pool of talent that inundates Music City. Her ability to seamlessly weave a tapestry of folk and soul, dye it indigo blue, and adorn it with the occasional sparkling sequin of pop has earned her considerable recognition among artists and critics alike. Her songwriting is rock solid and mature, often earning favorable comparisons to Patty Griffin and Mindy Smith.

Find Treva on MySpace.

Chuck Cannon

The honors [Chuck Cannon] songs have garnered include BMI's Eight-Million-Air award for the song "I Love The Way You Love Me" which was the Academy of Country Musicís 1993 Song of the Year and went on to become an international hit when BOYZONE released it in Europe as a single in 1999, where it stayed at the top of the charts for over 3 months. "Iíve had numerous multi-week number one songs and many other BMI Million-Air awards but of all the songs Iíve written, the ones that consistently bring me back to what I love about music are the ones I havenít written yet...I love what I do and I do what I love...and I make a living like tha...Iím still amazed...but even more, I am truly grateful to everyone who has helped me...."

Chuck is a favorite at the Durango Songwriters Expo. He is our friend, mentor, a brilliant thinker and a fabulous person!

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