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Songwriting Contest Begins!
October 26, 2008

Songwriting Contest Begins! ENTER EARLY!

Hey Everybody, Jim Attebery here. I've got my sweater on again because we're heading into fall and you know what that means...yep, The Durango Songwriters Expo SONGWRITING CONTEST!

This contest has become something really special. Our past winners have gotten cuts and deals and accolades and I think everyone would agree that getting to write with a hit songwriter is a very cool prize. It just opens an enormous number of doors in the songwriting community...and results in great songs and career-enhancing credits!

We're trying to avoid a mad rush in January by making a special offer to those who register early. If you enter the contest on or before the postmark date of November 15th, you'll be entered into a drawing among the other early entrants to WIN A FREE EXPO REGISTRATION. That's a $300 prize! So if you want to have a great chance to win a FREE EXPO, get your contest song entry in by November 15th, 2008. And good luck!.


mrJack here with a note about the Listening Room showcase in Nashville we are doing every month. The next one is Monday, November 10th. Contact me through our MySpace site please if you want to know more.

And, YES, for those who have been asking, I am finally starting to get the Colorado Springs Expo videos up on YouTube. But I have just started uploading them and it takes a little while...there are a lot of them and it's great fun to watch them. (There are older videos as well from other events that you may like to see, and I am still putting those up! Some of you are waiting, I know, thanks. You can see lots of Expo videos by clicking here.

Watch for a newsletter soon with the November 10th Listening Room Nashville show line-up. C-YA there!

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