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Last Call for Colorado! (and more great news!)
September 30, 2008

Last Call for Colorado! (and more great news!)

Yes, we know it's too late for most but technically YOU CAN STILL MAKE IT!

Hey Everybody, mrJack here. Last call for Colorado for this year: Colorado Springs NEXT THUR-SAT!

As you head out to the Expo, make sure you grab JIM ATTEBERY'S CELL NUMBER HERE: 970-946-9521, in case you get stuck or otherwise have a problem.

About a year ago, Jim wrote an article about how special the Expo had become and why it was unique. In our last email, Brother Bill Attebery wrote a piece about Alissa Moreno, who is a happy "poster child" for Durango...sorry Alissa...we do love you...but we do have to show you off from time to time!

So, as we get underway I thought I'd write a paragraph or two about how the Durango Songwriters Expo changed my life.

I first came to the Expo in 1996, Jim's first year. I was in a funk: break-up, no clear direction, gradually getting away from music to guess what, make money.

But that very first Expo absolutely convinced me that if I just associated with these people—they were for the most part all so good and so DRIVEN—then I'd probably get somewhere.

And that's the way every Expo since has affected me. The people who stick around, keep coming back, network with the people we bring out, MAKE FRIENDS, keep writing, keep growing...EVENTUALLY they hook up with the right person and something really good happens: people make money, people make deals, talented artists re-discover themselves...young careers are born.

There's a reason it has gone on for over 12 years now. And the reason is, people who come to Durango are either very good...or they have a burning desire to become successful. It's a success-event that you should take advantage of at least once...but those who stick with us do tend to show up on big stages! (Oh, expo-veteran Scott Lindsey of "You Only Call Me When You're Drunk" fame...RECORD DEAL...MAKING RECORD and VIDEO NOW...can't come...darnnit.)

Click here to view and print out the Brochure/Registration PDF
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If you need immediate assistance in registering, please call Jim Attebery at 970.946.9521. Thank you!

Cool New Durango Showcase in Nashville

And now there's more good news. Many of you know that my girlfriend (right!) Amanda Williams and I ran a Durango Songwriters night for the last couple of years. It's something different from now on, something even better.

Beginning Oct. 13th, 2008 I'm going to host a show at the new Listening Room Cafe in NASHVILLE. (They moved from Franklin -- very cool already.)

We experienced a show there the other night and it will definitely be a really good listening room and a great alternative to the Bluebird and other popular joints. It shows well!

This show is not going to be an "open mic." We only have two hours and so we have to limit the number of performers. And we want it to be a high-level showcase where there will be only OUR people, good writers all, including some of the most successful in the biz, as well as Durango Expo up and comers.

It will give us a home, at least until the end of the year, and if it goes well we hope to keep it going...another reason to go to the Expo! It can be hard sometimes to get on a good showcase! We can showcase you in Nashville.

Our booked shows are the SECOND MONDAY of each month: OCT 13th, NOV 10th, DEC 8th, 8-10 PM.

All of this info will be posted on the web site. And we'll announce the first bill after the Expo.

Let's rock and roll! C-ya in the mountains!


PS. Amanda is hosting a NEW WRITERS NIGHT EVERY WEDNESDAY AT THE TIN ROOF (on Demonbreun...where the action is)...starting at 8pm (beginning 10/1/08). It's called Tin 'til Ten. See you there!!

Still More...

Go BackStage FOR FREE and listen to past events:

Click here to listen to programs in the BackStage and see a video of Chuck Cannon doing "Strange." Chuck will be back at the Expo in Colorado Springs. Don't miss it!

and MORE!

We'll be announcing our 2009 Songwriting Contest at the Expo. This year it will be on YouTube and it will be an audience-voted contest with even more prizes, including CASH! If you at the Expo in Colorado Springs...and you showcase or otherwise perform...and would like us to shoot a quick video of you...WE CAN DO...SEE MRJACK.

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