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Special Holiday Extension and SOhO Show
January 19, 2009
Here we go again!

Special Holiday Extension and SOhO Show

Hey Everybody, couple of important announcements:

1. Because Monday 1/19 is a federal holiday, Martin Luther King Day, and because our new president is being inaugurated on Tuesday, the 20th, both the deadline to enter the "Write With A Hitmaker" Songwriting Contest (January 19th), and the Santa Barbara Expo (Feb 26-28) early registration deadline (which saves you $49 on the registration fee) have been extended just a bit:

If your entry or registration is postmarked by Wednesday, January 21st, we will honor them. We just want to make sure that you have a chance to take advantage of these offers with so much going on!

2. Again this year we've got a pre-Wine Country Expo show lined up at SOhO Restaurant and Music Club in Santa Barbara on Wednesday, February 25th.

We'll have a little meet and greet and play some music and ease into the weekend. We'll be at SOhO from about 8-10pm. If you are in town on Wednesday, definitely try to come's always a lot of fun. —Jim Attebery

Next Expo Feb 26-28!

Our next Expo will take place Feb 26-28, 2009 in Santa Ynez (Santa Barbara, CA). Click here to view and print out the Brochure/Registration PDF (or JPG).

If you cannot print out the brochure, contact us with your name and mailing address and we will send you the brochure via USPS.

If you've never been to our Santa Barbara Wine Country event, you should definitely try to come to this one! We've just secured the fantastic Jim Lauderdale as a headliner and we'll have the usual enormous contingent of top-notch industry movers and many surprises, as always!

Just click on the links above to see or print out the Registration Form. Or, call Jim Attebery at 970.259.9747 if you have any questions at all!

Write with a Hit-Maker Songwriting Contest! Still time to register online with our buddies at SonicBids!

Amanda Williams to Host SB Open Mics

Hey all, mrJack here and I want to tell you what an extra special treat we have this year with Amanda Williams hosting the Open-Mic nites at the Expo. Amanda has hosted probably the best singer/songwriter night in Nashville for several years. And she has graciously co-hosted Durango Nights with me at her shows.

It will make our Open Mics this year a real party, with more fantastic live music...and a real feel for what we experience down here in Nashville with our many many Durango Expo-ites.

And, BTW, Amanda rocks. —mJ

Nashville Showcase

If you are in Nashville, don't miss our monthly Durango Songwriters Expo night (the second Monday each month), starting at 8:00pm, at The Listening Room Cafe.

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