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Happy Holidays!!
December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

First of all Merry Christmas Everyone! At this time of year, we think of so many families we've gotten to know over the years of Expos...children now adults! Some performing now, with us parents living vicariously...ahhh, the muse goes on! has a nice ring to it!

Jim has beloved daughter Tess back in Durango from studying overseas...MERRY CHRISTMAS and WELCOME HOME TESS!

Merry Christmas to all, figgy pudding all around! Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends!

OK mrJack has the mic for a sec with some coooooooooooool news....

No offense to the great Van Morrison (Van is the man) for stealing his album concept but what IS wrong with this picture? Other than the obvious big-headed goofy expression on my washed out face...someone is missing...who is it? THAT'S RIGHT, IT'S AMANDA WILLIAMS! (she's taking the pic on a new hamsphire trip i think).

Anyway, beginning next month, Monday January 18th to be exact, yes Martin Luther King Day...Amanda is hosting our monthly Durango Nite again back at the Blue Bar (and Rack Job as I affectionately call it!), owned by friend-of-music Chuck Rota and company.

Oh yeah, Amanda is baaaacccccck...(with Matthew of course!)
Rack Room/Blue Bar
1911 Broadway, Nashville, TN
(615) 327-8001‎


Amanda and Matthew are running the open-mic in Santa Barbara, Feb 25-27, 2010! Oh yeahhhh. I hear your applause. They rock.

Write With a Hit-Maker!

Our 2010 Santa Barbara "Write With a Hit-Maker" Songwriting Contest is NOW underway. Click here for details. It is an awesome contest. How long would it take you to get to write with a top hit songwriter if you tried? Our winners jump the line!

Listen to our last two winning songs on ReverbNation. Congrats again to Scott Hunt and Mycle Wastman!

PLEASE do not underestimate the value of entering our Write With A Hit-Maker Songwriting Contest. It's not for everyone, but if you think you are at a level in your writing that you feel you could attract the attention of hit songwriters, you should enter this contest. It's potentially a very good opening with some very connected companies at a very small price...

"Winning the 2009 Songwriting Contest in the country category was very exciting. Looking back from that experience I can see what an important part the Expo has played in making that possible. I have attended the Expo nearly every year since 2000. Each time I would walk away with a few gems to improve my songwriting and with new friends in the music industry.

"One experience stands out. I was talking to Brett James and Bob DiPiero (how often do you get that kind of opportunity!?) after a panel discussion and I asked them what was smartest thing they did to improve their songwriting. Almost in unison they said 'write 100 songs a year!' They said 'thatís what we do.' When I heard that number I knew I had to step up my game A LOT to make the progress I wanted. Little gems like that are what I have gathered at the Expo that helped me to improve as a songwriter."Scott Hunt

Do not underestimate the value of THE EXPO. Since 1996. Happy New Year!


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