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Last Chance for Bonus Session!
December 15, 2011

Last Chance for Bonus Session!

Call Jim Attebery before the end of the week at 970-259-9747 to take advantage of the Early Bird Special registration price for Santa Barbara of just $250 AND get the Free Extra 4th Listening Session!

Register by Friday December 16th and get the Early Bird Price of just $250 PLUS AN EXTRA 4th LISTENING SESSION!

Continuing EXPO Success Stories - Ryan O'Neal

WOW! Expo alum Ryan O'Neal has a HUGE placement in the new Twilight movie!!! Congrats Ryan et al!

See the details at

Here is Ryan at our 2011 Colorado Expo:

Check out all the great videos Algie Powers has shot for us at the Expo. Amazing stuff! Are you there?

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